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your rainbow connection


trouble aka the user formerly known as a_girl5000
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this the part where i'm supposed to talk about myself. let me quote others instead:

I'm not nice. I AM FEMINIST RAGEtm, narcisistic, stupid, a dumbass
, crazed radical feminist. . . with few brain cells, "care nothing for children" . . . and am "[a part of] a shameful lot", snarky, rude, trollish, oppressive, crazy, controlling, a serious ad for the Christian Right.
spoiled, nazi-ish, paranoid, a dipshit and . . . i forget what else.

[this space reserved]


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this all just the beginning

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Dislikes:124: arrogance, compulsory heterosexuality, the l word, "nice guys", ablism, abnormal paps, allergies, anti-choicers, anti-feminism, artifcial binaries, beauty standards, being broke, bible thumpers who don't read their own bibles, bloomberg, bootstraps, bush - the preseident, car horns, cars, cases of the mondays, censorship, certain feminist "leaders", christina hoff somers, classism, coffee, commercials, compassionate conservatism, compulsory patriotism, computer crashes, corporate media conglomerations, cultural appropriations, death penalty, debt, doma, dr. phil, dropped cell phone calls, dumbfuck doctors, feeling broken, getting busted, glass buildings, guns, heat, hollywood blockbusters, homophobia, humanity, humidity, ignorance, imaginary weapons of mass destruction, invasions of my space, irony deficiencies, jane pratt, karl rove, lactose intolerance, laundry, light, livejournal, lj-abuse team, mama haters, men, metro north, migraines, minnesota nice, misogyny, mornings, my body, my self-destructive tendencies, negative nutrition, neon, noise, not being able to speak properly, not getting what i want, not possessing proper social skills, passive aggression, people, people not getting "it", people who believe in the widespread existence of "welfare queens", people who get amazed when i look fucking awesome, people who oppose sex education, people who view children as possessions, peta, poor customr service, poverty, racism, rapists, reality, religion in politics, riaa, rockefeller drug laws, sexism, shaving, shelbyville, sizeism, skunky guinness, smog, social anxiety, spam, sports, summer, suvs, the american dream, the canon, the garish sun, the institutionalization of marriage, the israeli occupation, the man, the patriarchy, the patriot acts, tom cruise, traffic, trolls, tv, u.s.a's refusal to admit mistakes, unborn babies, uncleaned bar taps, unfettered perkiness, violence, vulvaphobia, waking up early, wankers, war on terror, weiners, willful ignorance, willful stupdity, xenophobia, you
123456789101112, 13, abortion rights, absurdity, activist judges, anti-ignorance, anti-war, avoidance, being a bad lesbian, being a being, being a bitch, being an abomination, being barefoot in the-kitchen, being disinterested in threesomes, being heterophobic, being interested in things, bitterness, blaming canada, bodies of water, books, boondocks, bratwurst, brooklyn!, bubblers, carpe noctem, chaos, choosing my own adventure, cool weather, cynicism, dihydrogen monoxide, dive bars, drama-free lesbians, drunken debauchery, eating, feminism, forgetting, free palestine, geeks, genderqueers, george webbs, girl germs, girls girls girls, glower power, gonzo, green balloons, hating, hating the world, henotheism, human rights, indie book stores, indie movies, insomnia, intelligence, internets, jeebus, kicking your antifeminist ass, learning, libraries, math man, me, meandering, milwaukee, misandry, mockery, modify yours, moons, naughty bits, neil gaiman, no, not capitalizing, nyc, octavia butler, oppressing the penis, pax, peacemongering, penii, people watching, pr0n, principles, procrastination, queers, quizes, rainbows, sapiosexuality, sarcasm, saving the world, science, self deprecation, self determination, self love, shamrock shakes, sluts, smart asses, snail mail, snarking, snow, soap boxes, soap operas, spinsterhood, sporks, spunk, stars in the sky, storms, succubi, tchotchkes, the invaders, the moon, they might be giants, toys, trust, tyme machines, unlimited metrocards, vulvas, walking all over tarnation, wikipedia, winter, wisconsinality, words words words, xenophobia, your mom, zaniness, Φ, , ♀♀